The Known World

Regions, Cities, Towns, and Villages.

Location: NE Corner
Primary Occupants: Orcs

Secondary Occupants: Humans, Dwarves, Shifters
Traits: Rivers and coastline, mostly flat plains with swamps and marshes.
Borders: N ocean, E ocean, S Dwelvenbelt mountains (dwarves/elves), SE river and Anugan (humans), SW dry lands (orcs), W Battle Bay (orcs)

Location: E Coast
Primary Occupants: Humans

Secondary Occupants: Elves, Dwarves
Traits: Rainy rolling plains, forests, mountains/coastline, huge river Anu and woods in south half
Borders: N river and Bal-peresh (orcs), E ocean, S Great Wood (elves), W Dwelvenbelt mountains (dwarves/elves)

Great Wood
Location: SE corner
Primary Occupants: Elves

Secondary Occupants: Razorclaw Shifters, Goliaths, wild beasts
Traits: Massive forested area, brooks and rivers, increasingly cold and evergreen to south
Borders: N Dwelvenbelt (elves/dwarves), NE Anugan (humans), E Forgotten Lands, S ocean, SW sea, NW Domil (dwarves)

Location: South Central
Primary Occupants: Dwarves

Secondary Occupants: Gnomes, Longtooth Shifters, Gnolls
Traits: Hilly and temperate, pockets of forests, snow-melt rivers come and go, increasingly cold tundra to south
Borders: N dry lands (orcs), NE Dwelvenbelt (elves/dwarves), SE Great Wood (elves), S sea, W Hammerbelt (dwarves/orcs)

Location: East
Primary Occupants: Dwarves/Elves

Secondary Occupants: Orcs, Goliaths
Traits: Forested mountain range, some snow-peaks, rivers flow continually down eastern slopes
Borders: N Bal-peresh (orcs), E Anugan (humans), S Great Wood (elves), W dry lands (orcs), SW Domil (dwarves)

Dry lands
Location: North Central
Primary Occupants: Orcs

Secondary Occupants: Gnolls, Shifters, Dwarves
Traits: Dry savannah, rocky badlands formations are common
Borders: N Battle Bay (orcs), E Dwelvenbelt (elves/dwarves), S Domil (dwarves), W Hammerbelt (dwarves)

Location: Central
Primary Occupants: Dwarves

Secondary Occupants: Orcs, Gnomes
Traits: Huge rocky mountain range with few clear passes, snow-capped year-round
Borders: N sea, NE Battle Bay (orcs), E dry lands (orcs), SE Domil (dwarves), S sea, SW frontier, NW Traore (eladrin)

Location: NW Corner
Primary Occupants: Eladrin

Secondary Occupants: Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves
Traits: Massive forested area, brooks and rivers, temperate, wild
Borders: N ocean, E Hammerbelt (dwarves), S frontier, W frontier

The Known World

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