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As of 12/05

Current Wealth 630 gp

  • HEAD
    • Circlet of Authority, Level 7 Common – DM p.265
    • Horned Helm, Level 6 Uncommon – DM p.266
  • NECK
    • +1 Cloak of Resistance – Iangold
    • Upgrade, Level 7 Uncommon – HK p.351
    • +2 Amulet of Protection – Braxus
  • ARMS
    • Quickhit BracesDorn
    • +1 Shield of Honor – Iangold
    • Upgrade, Level 13
    • Bracers of Devense, Level 7 Uncommon – DM p.264
    • Bracers of Mighty Striking, Level 2 Common – HL p.349
    • Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Level 5 Rare – DM p.265
    • Gauntlets of Blood, Level 4 Uncommon – HL p.350
    • +1 Defense Weapon – Cheondra
    • +1 HairtriggerDorn
    • +1 Great Hunger CarrikalDorn
    • +1 Rending CarrikalDorn
    • +1 Luckblade – Iangold
    • Upgrade, Level 8 Uncommon – DM p.258
    • Ring of Regeneration, Level 24 Rare – DM p.268
    • Belt of Vigor – Iangold
    • Upgrade, Level 12 Common – HK p.351
    • +1 Bear Spirit Leather Armor – Cheondra
    • +1 Dwarven Armor – Iangold
    • Upgrade, Level 7 Uncommon – DM p.255
    • +1 Robe of Contingency – Braxus
  • FEET
    • Battlestrider Greaves, Level 12 Common – DM p.264
    • potion of healing x5, Level 5 Common – HK p.352
    • Bag of Holding, Level 5 Uncommon – DM p.269
  • LOOT
    • Astral Diamonds or a ship ton of gold
    • Assorted Jewelry, Gems, and Coins (Unknown amount) —Not yet awarded.

Upgrade Option
For example, say you have a Fighter with a Luckblade Longsword that’s been passed down in his family for 7 generations and he wants to use it for the life of the character…that’s fine, and the DMG 2 gives some simple rules for upgrading it.

In a nutshell, rather than granting a standard parcel you might say “As you plunge your sword into the heart of the dragon it glows with an inner light and you can feel drawing energy from the beast.” (in game terms, it gained a +1 and got the flaming property…essentially, you granted the player a magic item that’s a +N Flaming Longsword).

Another route would be to treat some of the weapons as a sort of artifact/lesser artifact. Basically, let them keep them throughout the game but periodically (as they accomplish heroic deeds or perform tasks meant to “unlock” dormant abilities) the weapons will increase in power and gain new abilities.

If there are any magical or mundane items that you really want your character to have, this is your chance to request them. These could be items that you want in the near future, or items that you would like further down the road. Each of you will have your own separate wish list. If the item is not something I’m likely to be familiar with, along with the name of the item, give a brief description of what the item does and where I can find out more about it. I will take these requests into consideration when planning upcoming adventures, though not all requests will be able to be filled right away.

You should have at least

  • 1 Level +1 magic item
  • 1 Level magic item
  • 1 Level -1 magic item
  • Gold equal to Level -1 magic item

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