PC Role Race (Gender) Class LVL XP To Next Total XP Player
Leader Leader Race (f) Class 6 0 2,500 7,500 Amy
Defender Defender Race (m) Class 6 0 2,500 7,500 Bob
Controller Controller Race (f) Class 6 0 2,500 7,500 Liz
Striker Striker Race (m) Class 6 0 2,500 7,500 Tom

Note: XP column should show the current amount gained since last level


Bartender a bartender that is friends with the party. He is a jolly fellow that always is able to give the party information he has acquired around town by random town folks. Usually he will get deeper information for a price.
Mayor The mayor that is grateful for their good deeds
King The king that wishes to pay them for a job well done
Business Man A business man that may sway between good and evil


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